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Victory of Manami Tanaka (Jpn) in final, she beats Viktoriia Lvova (Rus) in 2 sets 6/4-7/6, and 1h52.

Tomorrow morning, men’s final will oppose the french player Gaëtan Menguy (25th in the world) to the polish player Kamil Fabisiak (23th in the world). Hope to see you tomorrow for men’s and women’s finals, from 9 am !

Viktoriia Lvova beats Nalani Buob 6/1-6/0 and Manami Tanaka beats Liudmila Bubnova 6/3-6/2. LVOVA/TANAKA in final !

Program of the day : Men’s and women’s single semi-finals, men’s and women’s double final. You can follow double finals from 1:30 pm. Go to the CJF, or on our website, clicking “Direct” and “Match”.

The camera problem has been fixed, you can see the matches on the central, live, by clicking on the tab “Direct” then “Match”. Sorry for the inconvenience. Enjoy the show !

Two french players lost in the early morning (E. Morch and Z. Maras), the last hope of french qualification is for Charlotte Fairbank (39th world), which will play in the afternoon. Other results of this beginning day: Lvova 6/4-6/2 Baron, Bubnova 7/6-6/4 Venter, Peraux 6/4-6/2 Parenteau.

F. Cattaneo 6/0-6/0 L. Farkas. L. Everaert 6/3/6/0 D. Guiard. G. Jasiak 6/0-6/1 D. Grignon. K. Suzuki 6/0-6/1 N. Valerberghe. K. Fabislak 6/2-6/0 T. Boval. D. Bailey 6/1-6/2 I. Kindt. C. Ratzlaff 5/7-6/1-7/6. G. Menguy 6/3-6/3 N. Charrier.

Lvova 6/1-6/0 Bulgurcu. Tanaka 6/4-6/0 Fairbank. Maras 6/3-6/0 Han. Morch 6/1-6/2 Domoris. Buob 6/4-7/6 Funamizu. Bubnova 4/6-6/3-6/4 Park. Baron 6/4-6/3 Oosthuizen. Venter 4/6-6/3-6/4 Hunt.