For the first time in three years, Asia will be strongly represented. We will have the joy of welcoming in the Orléanais, Kouhei Suzuki current World No. 20 and former World No. 11 and Manami Tanaka, current World No. 21 who was last April No. 9 worldwide.

Open Paratennis du Loiret : Gaetan MENGUY number 4 In France and 27 in the world, winner of the 18th edition will be present to defend his first title ITF 3 obtained last year in Fleury les Aubrais.

Open Paratennis du Loiret: the first headliner in the female board.  Viktoriia LVOVA, number 1 in Russia and 15 in the world will come to defend her title.

Winner of the main men table : Gaetan MENGUY (FRA) Winner of the second men table : Geoffroy SCHIVI (FRA) Winner of the main women table : Viktoriia LVOVA (RUS) Winner of the consoling women table : Inès OUAZENE (FRA)  Winner of the main consoling men table : Sebastien HUSSER (FRA) Winner of the second consoling men table : Justin Peraux (BEL) Winner of the main double men table : Frederic CATTANEO (FRA) et Laurent GIAMMARTINI (FRA) Winner of the second double men table : Fabien BAYON (FRA) Laurent FISCHER (FRA) Winner of the double women table : Nalani BUOB (SUI) et Viktoriia LVOVA (RUS)