Open Paratennis du Loiret : Gaetan MENGUY number 4 In France and 27 in the world, winner of the 18th edition will be present to defend his first title ITF 3 obtained last year in Fleury les Aubrais.

Open Paratennis du Loiret: the first headliner in the female board.  Viktoriia LVOVA, number 1 in Russia and 15 in the world will come to defend her title.

Winner of the main men table : Gaetan MENGUY (FRA) Winner of the second men table : Geoffroy SCHIVI (FRA) Winner of the main women table : Viktoriia LVOVA (RUS) Winner of the consoling women table : Inès OUAZENE (FRA)  Winner of the main consoling men table : Sebastien HUSSER (FRA) Winner of the second consoling men table : Justin Peraux (BEL) Winner of the main double men table : Frederic CATTANEO (FRA) et Laurent GIAMMARTINI (FRA) Winner of the second double men table : Fabien BAYON (FRA) Laurent FISCHER (FRA) Winner of the double women table : Nalani BUOB (SUI) et Viktoriia LVOVA (RUS)