Association Handisport

Association Handisport Orléanais (Orleans association of disability sport) was created in 1973. The initial association was recognized by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports on 10th December 1973 and in 1994 it became Association Handisport Orléanais. Chaired by Alain Hardy, it is affiliated to the FFHOP. There are a swimming section (with two water lines in the pool of Orleans La Source) and a table tennis section (the sports association “Des Pieds Blancs les Aydes”, Orleans) which include 25 members. On November 18, 1994, the first table tennis/ basketball tournament was held.

The 1992 Paralympic Games in Barcelona were an important recognition for the club with 6 athletes selected and 6 medals won: Frédéric Delpy (swimming) 2 silver medals in 100 m and 400 m freestyle and 1 bronze medal in 100 m back.Claude Chedeau (table tennis) 1 team silver medal.Daniel Hatton (table tennis) 2 bronze medals, team and open individual. Philippe Michoux (target shooting) bronze medal in Marina Souilijaert (target shooting) and Anne Souilijaert (France basketball team) returned without medals. In 2000 two more people were selected for the Paralympic Games in Sydney: Frédéric Delpy in swimming (bronze medal in 400 m freestyle) and Nicole Michoux in target shooting (silver medal in 50 m).

Cercle Jules Ferry Tennis

Goals of the association 

The CJF Tennis is an association of the law 1901 created with the purpose to practice tennis. There 355 membres in the association divided into different categories: the youth, adults, people with disabilities. Each of this category has competition and hobby sections. Members can come directly from the companies. The club offers preparation for the high-level competitions as well as purely leasure practice.

The values of the association

  • Conviviality 
  • Solidarity and mutual help between the members 
  • Challenging oneself, readiness foe personal efforts, individual work and achievement of the goals
  • Team spirit, discipline, respect of the rules and of one another 

Association administration

The CJF Tennis is animated by the administration council consisted of 11 volunteers and managed by the office of a president, a treasurer and a secretary. The administration council meets once a month and the general assembly of the association is held once a year.
The CJF is an employer of : 

  • 2 professors with state diplomas on long-term contracts with a maximum of 20 hours per week
  • one secretary on the full-time long-term contract
  • 3 assistant tennis instructors on the terms of  10 hours per week

Association’s activities

It is the sport association which proposes the following tennis activities :

  • Hobby tennis – allows the members to access  by reservation 4 indoor courts and 9 outdoor courts to enjoy tennis and socialize 
  • Learning how to play tennis with the tennis training school
  • Wheelchair tennis
  • Training sessions